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Friday, April 6, 2012


Internet world is now faster than before. Our every daily need, every daily work requires internet and most of them are related to communicate with each other. Communication is made through different medias of internet like text chatting or voice chatting, video chatting, voice calling over the internet to mobile or land lines and so on. But it is one of the hard works to find all the communication system in single software.

 SKYPE has made for us to have the facility of this communication world with full functionality in one window. This is one of the oldest and strongest communication software over the internet. Ease of access to it’s every system has given it the name of most user-friendly software. Beside this, you can have voice or video chatting with text chatting side by side. One of the most advance communication methods that took Skype in a different height is its desktop sharing. So, if you are an employer, you can have now more control over your employees. Long range conversations are now in our hand through every possible media with this software.

At first you have to register your name over their network system and that is absolutely free. You can make groups, add usernames like phone-book and then just click on the name and choose the communication media. The strongest point of this software is, you can have call or video conversation that means 3-5 people can talk with each other at the same time in a same window like a meeting room.

This software is absolutely free of cost but also there is registered version to give you some extra benefits. Besides all of this, if you can deposit dollar over their network, you can call to any number in the world from your computer. So what more we need from single software. It’s really an amazing software which made our communication system much faster and better.

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