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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Important free or trial version antivirus softwares

In the modern age we know that, many people using computer and internet on their personal life. Computer internet also used in all place around the world. Like biasness, marketing and education centre. Virus is the main problem of our computer pc. It’s also create a big treble for new internet users who don’t know that how to safe their pc by internet threats. Many internet users don’t given any security of their computers. There are many kind of antivirus software are available in our local market. But now I told some free and trail version antivirus software. You can use this free and trail version software that give you most internet security and safe clearly your computer.

Avast : It is a most of popular open source antivirus software. There are more versions available in avest. It protected your computer by spyware and virus infection. It is helps you to scan any virus and threat who already attract your computer. It’s keep safe you to hijacked website. Coming any threat with your email, avast can protect this injure. So it is very helpful free antivirus software. You can download avast in internet. It also takes auto update.
AVG: AVG is other free antivirus software. You can download free trial version and get more protect to any online and offline virus, spywares. It also repair your virus injured file. AVG software scans your sent and received email. When you connected your internet system it’s scan all system automatically and saved your computer.

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