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Sunday, April 1, 2012

fifa 12

Almost everybody loves computer games and most of the gamer loves football as there is more passion in it. I do love it too. And this article is about FIFA 12, one of my favourite game. In this game there are lots of features you can pracice from different position at the beginning. Then you can try different level from easy to professional slowly.

There are different types o f tournament are available too, you can play them on every level. You can choose your best team, you can change controls, you can create your own team and own player too. The way player celebrate after scoring goal can be controlled by user also. User can play different types of cup game too like english premier leaugue, laliga, Bundesliga, FA etc.

The another best feature of this game is it support multiplayer, you can play with friends and enjoy a lot. Even in one computer 2 players can be played at same time using joystick. Or you can play through online too with friends, you can play with those who don’t know you and you don’t know them. You can gather your 11 friends and on LAN all your 11 player s can play a role of one player at a time.
These are just a simple features. It has so many other features. If you love game and you love football then I bet this will be the best choice you wont regret using this game. You will start loving this game .


  1. FIFA 12 is the latest in the ever popular football series, delivering a massive roster of improvements to the excellent FIFA 11. Tactical defending, where awareness is king, makes an appearance along with improved player intelligence.

  2. tank you for the link . the download are still working fine