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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Buxenger -Simplify your PTC experience

If you are in to PTC/GPT earning you would now the difficulties you have to go trough in order to earn a decent money that justifies the time you spent. Mostlt PTC/GPT is about clicking ads and refering others which is harder that it sounds in reality.

For that reason theres a new application available name Buxenger which manages all your ptc sites through one simple application. Buxenger is basically a an interfase between wPTC server and you so without visiting each and every PTC site you can manage all your income sources through one application.

However there are currently few limitations to the whole concept and application. Fistly the application is very new thus not many sites are included in the current supported list. So not all your sites will be managed through Buxenger, Secondly some reputed PTC sites such as Clixscense has denied the request to be included in Buxenger, final and the most important drawback is the security concern as the application requires and stores all your loging data to be used and stored in their server.

But still buxenger is very usefull as you can use it to manage all your not so important PTC sites via thi application which will definitly help you to reduce your workload

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