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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Ben10 games

Ben 10 Games is a exceptional and much loved American franchise, produced by Cartoon Network. It was made by the group "Man of Action". Ben 10 games revolve around a unique concept which is about a ten year old boy called Ben Tennyson.

This boy somehow gets hold of a special magical device called "Omnitrix" that comes from outer space. By using this amazing device, Ben can transform himself into 10 different types of alien forms. He uses this newly acquired super power to fight and defeat many evil aliens who aim to defeat and conquer the earth. Ben Tennyson is initially not so fond of his super-power as he did not himself seek to have it, but over time he has to use it to save the earth. How exciting, isn't it?

 Ben 10 Games are a favorite among a wide number of people because of the thrill and adventure associated with the concept. Ben 10 Games are hence very addicting as well. Join in on the adventures of Ben Tennyson in the Ben 10 Games as he visits many places to face and fight the evil aliens. Some of the video games in the category of Ben 10 games are:protector of earth, alien force, vilgax attacks, the rise of Hex, ultimate alien: cosmic destruction, galactic destruction.

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