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Sunday, March 25, 2012

What is software?

Software is a most important things for our daily life. Now a days it takes all human responsibility. Most of the software are not remote accessible, as a result we can not control them without a local platform, but we can develop remote software now to remove this problem. Before going to develop a web software we have to learn the basic element of web programming. Some basic tips for you below .

It is very important to learn basic things of web programming because without we can not understand how all thing is running so read carefully. Html means hyper text markup language. It is the best language for webpage programming. We want to learn php or asp without learning html perfectly. It is a big problem. Without learning html perfectly, we have to face a lots of problem when we face with php or asp or others server side scripting languages. So we have to maintain the sequence. first html then css then java script then php or asp or others server side scripting language. Then it will be very easy for us and we can get a good result for this . We can use many helping websites to learn and maintain the sequences. they also help us to learn this languages in sequences. we can use w3schools.com it is the best and can use a community forum also to connecting other people and get helps from then.

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