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Thursday, March 22, 2012



I have been using Sound Forge for many years and I have nice experience with it. This is program for cutting/splitting songs on the way you want, or more exactly, you take the part of one song which you like the most and for example you put it like your ring tone or like your awakening alarm.

 Sound Forge is a fast, capable tool that excels at basic mono/stereo sound editing tasks for even relatively large CD-quality audio files. I call him "The Photoshop of Sound". This program is really easy to install it and you don't need to spare much time, it's quick installation. He doesn't need computer with some big performances, it really doesn't have to be fast. This programs opens various format of songs and it can also save it in various formats, it depends on your needs. 

This Software can Write (Burn) at a high rate of speed without Errors. In addition to some external hardware support, Sound Forge is compatible with most audio and video formats, making up for some its line-in/line-out limitations. Some reviews indicate that this program cannot be used by beginners. If you get stuck somewhere here is the "Help" option and direct you to the right path.
In my opinion Sound Forge is an excellent tool for hobbyists and those whose Recording Software needs relate more towards editing, refining and restoring audio data. I also believe that this program can be used by some professionals too. 

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