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Friday, March 23, 2012

Only Call Of Duty

Here I like to write about The famous and most interesting game "Call of Duty". This is a shooting game or can be called war game. In these games you can kill as many as enemies as possible with you super machine gun. During the game as it procees you can earn shooting game scores up to highest point. You are to stay alive for maximum longer time possible.

During the war game you should be very careful and avoid the ememy attack and keep yourself unhurt and safe for longer time as much as possible to fight against the strong and cunning enemies with modern guns and weapons. You have limitted bullets with you and while you finish your bullets you are reload the magazines and it will take some time.

The objective of the starting series of the war game call of duty is to win the world war2.In these games you are to keep balance of your base so that you have enough resources to protect yourself. You can collect weapons from the war field left be the enemies.

In the conclution about the war game 'Call of duty' I can say that the game delivers the gritty realism and cinematic intensity of world war 2
epic battle field moments like never before. In the end of the war game 'Call of Duty' no one soldier or nation handedly won the war. The game captured the war from the multiple perspectives, through the eyes of American,British and Russian soldiers.

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