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Thursday, March 22, 2012

The influence of games on child development and psychology

A game for children - is not only a favorite and the most important lesson for every kid, but a constant activity in which children spend most of the time. It was during the game, each child begins to lay the groundwork for a permanent psychological and emotional attitudes in a social setting. And most importantly the game develop and prepare the child for a new school for them period.

Role playing as a formative component in a child's behavior confirmed by many scientists, psychologists and teachers of our time. They also note that the role play is important in the life of every child, as it is, it motivates and prepares for future relations. The game shows your child how to act in a particular situation, what consequences can occur, and learns to act as the right under certain circumstances.

It was while playing the usual instinctive desire of the child beginning to translate into reality and transform into specific actions, which indicate whether the child is ready to move to a new phase in the training and development.
Of course, not just a game affects the formation of mental and personal immunity, many studies and developing an exercise in bringing up a child character and mental capacity.

But despite all this, it should be noted that it is a child climbs in the emotional sphere. Therefore, when a child plays, you need to keep track of all his actions, to see and to encourage certain actions, or vice versa see what happened in the education oversight and tighten disadvantages. We should not forget that every year a child becomes older, his interests are modified, but the foundation remains, as it has been laid since childhood.

Any game whether it be a computer, reading, or role-playing (among children) is the first school of the child, as an independent person. It is in the game, he has shown the ability to independently and freely subject to different rules and requirements, which are itemized in the description.

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