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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hotspot Shield

In this post i am going to talk about a free software i am using for the last couple of days. It is called hotspot sheild. It allows you to use servers located in the US cities. Which means you can easily access websites which are not available in your area. It is pretty much fantastic because all you have to do is download this software, which is absolutely free for life and then use just like any other browser!

 The total file size is not too much and takes only few seconds to complete download. The installation is pretty easy also. The free version allows you to access multiple IP addresses from US and in this free version you might have to deal with lots of ads. It is also a bit slow but considering the fact that it is free, that completely makes sense. You can also buy the premium version online in which you will get better performance, better speed and lots more facilities. And also you will not have to deal with the ads that keeps popping up in the free version.

 I like using this one a lot. It helps me in so many ways as i am a freelancer; it provides me unlimited access to American IP addresses which means i do not have to worry about my works related to American cities and stuff. This software takes a little bit of time to get connected but when it connects it opens endless doors of opportunities for you. Lots of my friends are using paid VPN's for worldwide IP access but i recommend them to this one which is free for life and allows unlimited US IP addresses. It is the best and one of my favorite free software.

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