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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hello World!This is the first!!

This is my first article in my blog.I want to appreciate nowadays games market.At the present time we can say that games market goes more in online sector from day to day.Action games curious people prefer PSP,Xbox usually.But simulation games cover the social media sites.I want to examine a social platform game with you.

                         The leader of online game sector Zynga's best simulation game:Cityville

This game's target is bulding own city.About 20 million people play this game.It's really entertaining game,but this game has some difficulty.First you can jump levels very easy.And then when you play long time you dont jump level easily.It will be very hard for you.In the same way you spend too much energy at the higher levels.This constrain you too much waiting or buying energy from Zynga.If you sometimes play this game,it will be interesting for you.But nobody can this.This game is addictive.Maybe you can spend money for this game.You must have too much friends for having energy.This is good side of this game because you will have new friends.Cityville buildings have nice flash graphics and the game is userfriend.But Zynga never fix the server for this game.Sometimes you must build a building 3-4 times.They follow private days(Valentine days,St.Patrick's day ex..)And they assign new missions for about this days.You do this jobs and redound your experience in the game.You must visit your neighbours dailly,if you want increase your level fast.

In this article i want to explain this game shortly.Thanks everybody.For reading..Good plays.


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