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Thursday, April 12, 2012


I know Ccleaner is very popular program.
And must be included in every person's computer.Why?

Aviary Photo Editor

I met with Aviary Photo Editor 3 days before.It's wonderful application.You can edit your photographs which in your computer is.Otherwise this app's best speciality is thats you can use it online.Yep.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Trial Version Software is a software That has Certain time limits in use and if the time limit runs out we will not be Able to use the software.
Trial Version is usually available free of charge, we have a time limit for using this software is, before the expiration of trial (usually 30 days). after the trial period runs out we will not be Able to use the software, unless we pay a price to get activation Certain or registry code of the software.


 World Of Warcraft called (WoW) Its Very Popular Game World Wide Have More Then 2.000 Private server and More Then 100 Orginal Servers. The Game Is Bassed on fights But before Fights.

 You must reach 70 level 80 lvl or 85 lvl i mean thats bassed on what expansion do you play have many expansions like vanila, Tbc , wotlk , Cataclysm , mist of pandaria Also Have A many Fun servers where you dont need to reach lvl and kill mobs You can just make you own char and You will have instant 70,80.85 lvl Thats on what expansion.

 You will play since vanila has changed many things in world of warcraft the cities its more beautiful you can fly there with flt mounts and its allowed world fight i mean its allowed to kill players what is against you Horde-Alliance if you are horde you can kill an alliance in his own city The game its very Good and its prety simple to learn to play.